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Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ)

OpTech operates the only public Foreign Trade Zone in San Antonio, Texas

As supply chains continue to expand across borders, trade compliance is an especially important area involving an increasing number of governmental bodies. Sophisticated users have found they can use FTZ’s to transfer goods from one zone to another to maximize the benefits of the program. Merchandise in an FTZ can be stored, tested, relabeled, repackaged, manipulated, assembled, manufactured, or processed. Some firms use FTZ’s for transshipment, adding value to the product before shipping it to the end user.

An FTZ is a secure area located in or near U.S. Customs ports of entry, but legally considered to be outside the Customs terrify for the purpose of tariff laws and entry procedures.

While in our FTZ, merchandise is not subject to U.S. duty or excise tax. The tax is only paid when the merchandize is transferred from the zone for consumption.

If merchandise is not brought into an FTZ, the product enter the U.S. for domestic consumption. Taxes are owed, and you only have 10 days to pay the full amount of taxes owed on an entire shipment.

  • Duty Reduction

    Import duties on components are often higher than those charged for finished products. Products can be assembled or manufactured inside the FTZ. The finished goods will enter the U.S. market generally with a lower duty than their individual components.

  • Duty Elimination

    Import duties can be avoided altogether if goods that enter the FTZ are stored, sorted, tested, assembled, configured, repackaged and otherwise handled within the FTZ and are then exported without ever entering the U.S. marketplace.

Want to know more about FTZ?

Port San Antonio

Designated a Foreign Trade Zone #80-10, Port San Antonio is a master-planned, 1,900 acre International Logistics Center which houses an International Heavy-Air Cargo Airport, a state-of-the art Railport, with onsite access to multiple Interstate Highways which span North America in all directions. Port San Antonio has a Federal Inspection Station (FIS) with a full-time Customs Border Patrol Officer who is available to inspect International Air and Rail cargo.

OpTech’s FTZ facility is located in Port San Antonio between the Airport and Railroad facilities. This high security facility has around-the-clock roving security guards, an alarm system complete with motion sensors, smoke detectors, surveillance cameras, and a fire suppression system. The facility has 27’ high ceilings and 24’ high racks, allowing OpTech to maximize space and offer client services at competitive rates.

Merchandise admitted into our FTZ may be:

  • Stored

  • Exhibited

  • Repacked

  • Manipulated

  • Sorted

  • Graded

  • Tested

  • (Re) Labeled

  • Mixed with foreign/domestic merchandise

  • May remain in our FTZ indefinitely

  • Assembled

  • Distributed