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About Us

Our Company

OpTech, minority-owned and operated since our inception in San Antonio in 1986, provides technologically advanced solutions ranging from supply chain management, biotech, and IT, to distribution, warehousing and personnel research. Our clients are equally varied with privately held, publicly traded and government clients around the globe.

Our unsurpassed focus on every client’s unique objectives, combined with our integrity and superior performance, has delivered effective results year over year.

Our success stems from an unwavering dedication to our management philosophy: hire gifted professionals in multiple disciplines and continually strive for improvement in every project, every day.  This philosophy is why we deliver reliable results to our clients year after year.

OpTech has garnered awards from clients, industry, scientific groups for business growth, research and innovation, and corporate citizenship.  OpTech’s major current and past clients include Toyota, AT&T, Telmex, Cisco, Johnson Controls, The Pentagon, U.S. Army, U.S. Air Force, NASA and U.S. Department of Homeland Security. 

Operating Principles

  1. SERVICE- Customer Satisfaction
  2. QUALITY – Operational Excellence
  4. DEVELOPMENT – Employee Centric
  5. GROWTH – Systematic Approach to Goodness

Integrated Management System Policy

We are committed to continual Improvement of our quality processes while fostering a safe, secure and healthy workplace for our people, customers, partners, and suppliers that preserves our environment adhering to the incumbent legal framework.

Our Vision

Operational Technologies vision is to continuously strive to provide superior services and products to our clients while providing an exceptional working environment for the OpTech Team. Through dedication, we will earn our goals of continued corporate growth and profitability in both national and international markets.

Our Mission

We are Committed to excellence in providing scientific and technical solutions for our global clients.

Our Team

At OpTech, our team takes pride in making the world a better place! With a strong presence in both the automotive industry and the international supply chain management industry, our professionals and technicians create and provide value-added solutions for a wide range of clients.  Our dedication to delivering top results and innovation opens up a realm of possibilities that both fulfill client needs and develop successful and fulfilling careers.

We are minority-owned and operated. We employ a team filled with individuals with diverse backgrounds, experiences, education, and specialized training. Many of our employees have multiple degrees and/or certifications, and possess skills and expertise in multiple fields.

We also understand the best way to recruit and retain top performers is to offer competitive salaries and comprehensive benefit packages.  Here are just a few of the benefits we offer:

  • Medical, Dental, and Vision Insurance
  • 401(k) programs
  • Educational and Training Assistance

OpTech is dedicated to supporting Supplier Diversity Initiatives, and proactively supports the principle of Equal Opportunity.


Our History

Operational Technologies Corporation (OpTech), was established in 1986 in San Antonio, Texas by Max Navarro along with co founders, Dr. C. Wayne Shore and Dr. Lynda Y. de la Vina. Privately held and minority owned, OpTech has been named one of the fastest growing small businesses in the US by INC Magazine on three separate occasions.


The first major contract at OpTech was with the US Military’s Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) Test for personnel research and testing calibration.  During this same period, OpTech’s team secured contracts with the Air Force Intelligence Agency (AIA), for the engineering and installation of high security electronic surveillance and other sensitive security equipment for U.S. installations around the world.


Seeing an opportunity to expand, the team broadened services to include an Environmental Engineering Division, opening offices in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Dayton, Ohio, and Oak Ridge, Tennessee. OpTech continued to grow and expand as the company was granted multiple U.S. Air Force contracts in high tech, leading to a decision to spin-off research and development in biotechnology – OTC Biotech.

Today this OpTech’s biotechnology subsidiary is led by Chief Scientist Dr. John Bruno. Dr. Bruno received his Ph.D. Microbiology & Immunology from the University of Arizona 1991, conducting molecular-based R&D using short-chain synthetic DNA “aptamers.” Dr. Bruno, an internationally recognized and leading authority in aptamer research and development, has secured close to a dozen patents. In addition, he has authored numerous publications in scientific journals and books. Dr. Bruno has been highly successful in obtaining Department of Defense (DOD), U.S. Army and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) contracts and funding, as well as receiving numerous awards, including the prestigious Tibbetts Award in 2011.

Since its inception, OTC Biotech has succeeded in research and development of DNA aptamer conjugates for use in portable microbial diagnostic devices. Currently the company is engaged in promising research in several arenas in the biotechnology industry. These include food and water safety testing, bio-chemical warfare sensor detection, and the development of other medical detection devices.


In the mid-1990s,  the team landed a contract with a leading telecommunications carrier for the light manufacturing, assembly, and fulfillment of Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) commercial applications. OpTech worked to deploy technology in the telecomm’s thirteen state region, delivering internet connections to the residential and business mass-consumer markets. As a result, OpTech’s technology deployment was instrumental in the explosive penetration, growth, and ubiquitousness of the Internet Technology Age in the US.


Mexico:  Since 2005, OpTech has operated complex cross-border maquiladoras in Mexico as well as operating a Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ) designated facility at Port San Antonio.  In an effort to support the company’s International Supply Chain strategy, in 2003, OpTech established Soluciones Tecnológicas Integradas, S.A. de C.V., (STI) in Mexico.  STI provides supply chain management services within the Mexican telecommunications industry and operates seven distribution centers with a presence in over sixty cities.  STI provides light manufacturing, assembly and fulfillment for its largest client, Telmex, and delivers over 50,000 modems a month to residential and business Telmex customers.

Japan:  In 2004, OpTech formed a partnership with a Japanese automotive conglomerate, Vuteq Corporation, to provide global tier-one supplier support to Toyota. This highly successful joint venture company, Vutex Inc., is a tier one supplier which assembles numerous components for the Toyota Tundra and Tacoma trucks at Toyota’s manufacturing facility in San Antonio, Texas.  Vutex, Inc. operates 300,000 square feet of production space and provides Toyota with instrument panel module assembly, trim parts sub-assembly, door assembly, and operates a 38,000 square foot glass assembly facility.


Max Navarro was appointed by Commerce Secretary Robert Mossbacher to serve on the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Board. In 2006, Navarro was appointed by FCC Chairman Kevin Martin to serve as the Chairman for Emerging Technologies on Digital Age and Diversity Subcommittee. In 1994 and again in 1996, Mr. Navarro was appointed as an International Observer for the Mexican Presidential Elections in Mexico City, Puebla, and the Mexican State of Chiapas. Mr. Navarro also served on the St. Mary’s University Board of Trustees and the Texas Research and Technology Foundation Board of Directors.

Mr. Navarro’s personal endeavors include; Board member of the Industry Policy Advisory Committee for Trade Policy Matters (IPAC), Committee Member for the National Marine and Fishery Service, Committee Member for the National Weather Service, Committee Member for the National Sanctuary Marine Program, and a National Board Member for the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute.

In addition, Mr. Navarro initiated and established a Community Development Bank in San Antonio which has been in successful operation since 1994.

Dr. C. Wayne Shore contributes to the overall management of OpTech’s operations along with its interests in other companies.  He also directs OpTech’s Personnel Research Division which primarily supports Department of Defense military personnel research.

Dr. Lynda Y. de la Viña was named Deputy Assistant Secretary for the Treasury Department under Secretary Robert Rubin during the administration of President Bill Clinton. Dr. De la Viña completed her Presidential Appointment and was subsequently named Professor and Associate Dean of the Johns Hopkins University School of Professional Studies, where she led the Graduate Division of Business and Management and was Chair of the Department of Finance and International Business at the University. She served as Dean of the College of Business for the University of Texas at San Antonio from 2004-2012.